Newspapers, Directories and Electoral Registers


The following local newspapers are held on microfilm and can be viewed by appointment in the Archive Search Room in Willesden Green.

  • Willesden Chronicle (subsequently Willesden and Brent Chronicle, Now Kilburn and Brent Times) 1877- present
  • Kilburn Times, 1870-1930
  • Wembley News, 1923-74
  • Wembley Observer, 1958 – date
  • Harrow and Wembley Observer, 1895-8
  • Harrow Observer, 1906-21
  • Harrow News, 1925-6

Brent Museum and Archives holds a selection of newspaper and periodical extracts relating to subjects and places in the borough of Brent. Known as cuttings files they can be accessed without an appointment when the Archives Search Room is open.


Local Directories can also be accessed without an appointment when the search room is open. The directories in the collection are:

  • Middlesex (Pigots’), 1823 – 39
  • Kilburn and Willesden (Kelly’s), 1872 – 1940
  • Wembley (Kelly’s), 1905-6, 1932-6

Electoral Registers

The following Electoral Registers can be viewed without an appointment at the Archives Search Room in Willesden Green when the search room is open.

  • Borough of Willesden, 1945 – 1970 (LHC/2/1)
  • Borough of Wembley, 1947 – 1970 (LHC/2/2)
  • Borough of Brent, 1971 – date (LHC/2/3)

From 1885 – 1945 Willesden and Wembley were included within the Parliamentary Borough of Harrow; a full set of registers are held at London Metropolitan Archives and a part-set (1890-1913) at the Harrow Local History Collection.

Prior to 1885 parliamentary voters in the area of Brent will be found on the Middlesex Electoral Registers, held at London Metropolitan Archives.